Bon Vivant
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Serial Griller

New for 2015, we offer a gourmet barbecue service, for the ultimate holiday garden party.
This can be served in the grounds or gardens of your chosen location, or even poolside, and can vary from a full table set up with linen cloth.s and champagne to a classic barbecue party.
We can serve a fabulous range of specialities such as:
  • King prawn, scallop & clementine brochettes
  • Whole salmon seared with ginger and basil
  • Crabcakes with sweet chilli sauce
  • Grilled sardines with lemon and mint
  • Tiger prawns with chilli mayonnaise.
  • Honey mustard sausages
  • Pork chops a l'ancienne
  • Pepper-crusted steaks
  • Chicken legs with rosemary and lemon
  • Godfather hamburgers
  • Classic potato salad
  • Pork, pepper and courgette skewers
  • Pear & rocket salad with pecorino cheese
  • Pasta salad with tuna, red onions and cucumber
  • Rice with pesto and basil
  • Garlic bread

    Drinks can also be prepped including our
    Quercy punch made with sparkling white wine, Cointreau, cassis, apricot juice and fresh melon, plums, and strawberries.
Meal planning, menus, shopping, chef service and  kitchen cleanup are all included.
  You arrange your choice of wines and aperitifs--- we can take care of the rest.
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