Aperitifs & Canapés
Bon Vivant
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We can offer a range of aperitifs and canapes if required, such as:
Kir Royale (champagne with creme de Cassis)
Champagne Cocktail (champagne, brandy and Grand Marnier)
Quercy Punch (rose wine with apricots, melon and peach nectar)
Pasteque watermelon cocktail served in melon shell
Canape selection includes:

*Quails eggs with Bayonne ham   *Julienne of vegetables with creamy pesto di
*Salmon and caper boulettes   *Mushrooms stuffed with foie gras
*Tapenade rolled in filo pastry   *
Aiguillette of duck with melon
*Snails in garlic butter       *Vol au vents with mushroom and bacon
*Mini quiche lorraine
      *Fig and blue cheese toasts
*Goat cheese tartlets with roasted peppers  
*Verrines with feta and sun dried tomato
*Frogs legs in batter    *Barques of celery, tuna and ricotta
King prawn & scallop brochettes with garlic, ginger and lime

This is a sample menu and we can offer several alternatives
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